What is Social Impact?

A philanthropic initiative or a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.

What are the benefits of sharing your Social Impact Initiatives?

By completing the Social Impact Questionnaire, you will be part of a global database which aims to share, influence and inspire ALL throughout the wellness industry.

Our commitment is to help improve the social impact of the Health and Wellness industry by sharing the resources and tools with you that we aggregate through the completion of our Questionnaire.  Together is better!

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If you are considering implementing a social impact program and want to learn new skills, get a boost of creativity, and learn more about tested approaches of bringing social impact into your world come, please join us. If you would like to receive regular updates about the Social Impact Initiative, please send an email to one of our Initiative Co-Chairs; Wendy Bosalavage at wbosalavage(at)livunltd.com or Sallie Fraenkel at sallie(at)mindbodyspiritnet.com